Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Thanksgiving photos

Here are more pictures from this weekend, in no particular order.

Bobby and Dimitri playing with his first ever Tonka truck. Thanks to the Gianopulos family!

Bobby playing with his cousins Victoria, Ashley, and Alexis.

Victoria and Bobby.

Daddy and Bobby. Bobby wore his football sweatsuit on Friday, in honor of Thanksgiving's favorite past time! It was given to us by Grandma an Grandpa Ross.

Daddy, Bobby, and Ashley.

Grandma and Bobby. I uploaded the wrong picture of the two, but was too lazy to change it. Grandma has her eyes closed! Whoops! Also, you can see Bobby's rash pretty well in this picture on his cheek. It is finally starting to disappear!

Auntie JoJo and Bobby.

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