Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Stuff

I forgot to post about my 26 week appointment last week, so here are the details...
Everything was great, as usual. My doctor really does shower me with compliments. At this appointment, he told me that I make pregnancy look easy! Ha! I feel like this might be coming to an end. My a*s seems to be getting bigger each day, and I feel like my face is starting to fill out more.

Will I ever have my old figure back?
This picture of me was taken almost three years ago at my cousin's wedding. I'm the one on the left in the pink skirt. My crazy sister is next to me.

In all seriousness, I cringe to think that my figure will probably never go back to what it was. But, I am determined! I have already committed to running the Ragnar Relay 5 months after giving birth! To date, I have gained 18 lbs. I only gained 2 lbs. within the past month, so I am happy about that. But, I know I am getting to the point where a 1 lb. weight gain per week is the norm.

Other than that, the appointment was great. We heard the baby's heartbeat again, and melted. I love to hear that! I go tomorrow for my glucose test. And, then next week we get another ultrasound - yay!

I'll keep everyone posted.


Kendalls said...

You do look fabulous! I bet you won't have a problem losing it! I, on the other hand....

Jamie said...

girlfriend, you'll get it back. just know that when you leave the hospital after having the baby most of us leave still looking like we are 7 months pregnant. that's a cute picture of you and kathy.

lucky you that you get another ultra sound. is that a standard at your practice? they don't do that at mine.

you look great!

Mrs. Cup said...

You look great in your 24 week picture!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

So exciting! And yes, you can definitely get your figure back and I bet for you too it won't take long!

Linz Adams said...

You're a total health and fitness nut, Jen! You'll totally get your pre-baby body back!

Glad everything's going well!


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