Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of Banana Bear

We experienced this past week, a tiring, deprived, annoying few days. What was the cause?

Banana Bear!


Banana Bear was given to Bobby by a family friend when he was a newborn. He comes from the far-away land of Germany. Banana Bear became Bobby's security blanket at a young age - four months. Banana Bear, as Bobby has gotten older, has become more independent. He'll sometimes join us on a trip to Publix. Or, a walk in the stroller.

He definitely goes on trips with us!



He's always there, in awkward situations...


So, imagine my dismay, when I received a text from my sweet, careful, responsible husband on Saturday which read, "I can't find Banana Bear." You see, Bob and Bobby drove over to Atlanta for the day, to see Bob's sister for her birthday. Banana Bear made the trek over too, because he's a great car seat companion {i.e. his presence helps Bobby nap in the car.}

Well, guess what happened?!? Banana Bear became an Atlanta residence for a couple of days!

How did this mishap go down in our house? Well, let me see... Bobby refused to nap on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!!! And, he did not sleep through the night either! Finally, Banana Bear arrived in the mail on Tuesday afternoon.

And, as expected... Bobby (and, us too, quite frankly) has been sleeping great ever since.

Who knew Banana Bear would have such a profound effect on our child?!?!

Needless to say, we are now scouring the internet to buy a back-up Banana Bear.

Lesson Learned.

{Which, is actually called Moon Bear. I just thought Banana Bear sounded cuter.}



Shannon said...

We had an experience like this...GG has a lovey called a Taggie. It goes everywhere with her, and I mean everywhere. On day while at mom's and out on a walk we lost it. I didn't realize it until we were on our way home. On our way out to purchase a replacement, I spotted it on the corner a few streets down! Whew! Needless to say GG now has 3 Taggies, just in case original Taggie ever gets lost again!

Hope B likes moon bear. Just make sure to let it hang out in your house first to get that familiar smell the kids all love!

Have a good one!

Carrie with Children said...

Oh I'm so glad he made it back home safely! What a relief!

My Maggie had a similar situation with her ladybug stuffed animal. I bought two extras..just in case! :) You never know!

Kathy said...

Remember when you hid pink blanket from me for a couple days. Now you know how it feels :)

Waiting said...

I am so glad Banana bear made it home safely!

Ashley said...

Ahhh! We have 3 of our version of banana bear, just in case. SOOO glad he made it home and you are getting some sleep!

Mama K said... son can't live without his Eeyore! We have restricted it to his crib only...and in the car when we need him to sleep on a trip! :) Glad he's back!

Jumping Jack said...

OMG! We'd have this same scenario in our house if we ever lost Jack's beloved blankie or Gloworm. Thinking I should buy a back-up right now, before the unthinkable happens!

Glad Banana Bear found his way back home and yall are all sleeping again!

Jamie said...

Oh I feel for you! I'm gad he's home now. I fear that very thing when we take the paci away!

The Wilder Family said...

Oh goodness! Now you know why we have 3 monkeys!!!Glad Banana Bear is back home safe and sound!


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