Friday, December 3, 2010

Flashback Friday - Wedding Edition & Fun Phone Photo Friday

Happy Friday to everyone!

I'm so thankful it's the weekend. It's been a long week. And, yours truly indulged herself in a glass too many of wine last night. {What else is new? I swear I'm not an alcoholic!} My good friend Claire is moving back to England in a couple of weeks, and we wanted to have her, and her husband over for dinner last night. Boo. It makes me sad.

Tonight, our fabulous neighborhood is doing their annual Lighting of the Green. This holiday tradition includes:

A Singing Santa & the Elftones

Holiday Goodies & Hot Cocoa

Photos with Santa (we shall see how Bobby reacts. He was not a fan last year.)

Holiday Carousel

Clydesdale drawn wagon rides

The local elementary school's Choir

And, of course... the lighting of the giant Christmas tree in front of our Welcome Center.

How lucky are we?

Let's just hope we don't freeze!

Onto this Friday's fun topics!

I took a break last Friday due to Thanksgiving. This week's theme for Flashback Friday - Wedding Edition is my Bachelorette Party! Check out this post, and this post for the details of how it all went down! {And, again, please excuse the mess of these posts. I was a newbie blogger back then!}

Next week's theme: Ceremony Rehearsal

Want to play along? Just leave me a comment telling me so, and link to my blog in your post. Remember, I am doing this to showcase the rare, unseen photos from our wedding, that will never be put to use anywhere else! {i.e. getting my money's worth from our wedding photographer!}

Ok, so who doesn't have a ton of cell phone pictures on their phone, that is also never showcased anywhere (aside from your family, or close friends...)? I definitely do! So, in keeping with my FF - Wedding Edition spirit, I am joining in on Webbisode's Fun Phone Photo Friday!

And this my friends... is why I love living in Birmingham! Being a former FL girl, I never really got to experience the change of leaves, or all four seasons. I love this time of year... the leaves are a beautiful array of different colors, and it is gorgeous! And, as weird as it sounds... I just love how they all fall to the ground too. Winter is definitely right around the corner, as trees are starting to become bare; and, the grass is going dormant.

Photobucket The trail in our neighborhood.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



Shannon said...

Thank you thank you thank you! So happy you linked up! I love the leaves too but not so much the clean up! At least that's a job for Bret! Happy Friday to you, Jen! I'm jealous of your fun holiday activities in your neighborhood! Sounds way better than our little Christmas on the Hill celebration! (And rooting for the Gamecocks because of Steve Spurrier! He's still a Gator to me and I think we could use a little of the ol' Ball Coach's skill, right about now!)

Mama K said...

Your neighborhood thing sounds so fun!! We don't have anything like that around here! I love the beautiful fall leaves too..great pic :)

Joni said...

how fun, our neighborhood is full of scrooges. we have to seek fun outside of our neighborhood. great phone photo!

flip flops and pearls said...

Love your blog!! Coming to via the Webbisodes:)

I wish I had somewhere to run like that in my hood:)

Hope your weekend is FAB!

Ashley said...

Wow how awesome are your neighbors!?

Tarayn Comer said...

Jen, I LOVE, LOVE your "new look"!!! So, cute!!! I've been working on a new design {a lot of work} and see you had someone design yours! I may need to check them out! Hope you and the B's are doing well! See you soon!

Merry Christmas!


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