Sunday, February 6, 2011

Doozie of a Day

Excuse me while I vent... I really can't even see straight right now. My vision is blurry. I really want a glass of wine, but I have a headache.

Today was a doozie of a day for me! It should have been a great, fun, productive day like Saturday was. But, it wasn't. Boo. It was even slightly warm (56 degrees) and sunny!!!

Bobby woke up at 3:45am this morning! Typically, when this happens, we normally let him cry himself back to sleep. But, I was worried he might not be feeling well, because he had a bit of a runny nose yesterday. {Thankfully, that's all cleared up. Maybe it was allergies?} So, I rubbed my groggy eyes and headed upstairs to check on him. I rocked him for a bit, and then placed him back in his crib. I sat on the floor by his crib, and rubbed his back through the crib slats. Finally, I checked the clock in his room, and realized I had been up there for almost an hour. He was perfectly fine, yet awake. So, I did what I dread doing, and headed back downstairs. I turned down both of the monitors (our room and the kitchen's), and climbed back into bed. He then proceeded to cry for the next hour. Of course, I can't fall back asleep, knowing he's upstairs wailing. So, finally at 5:30am, we are both back sleeping.

Then, what does he do? He wakes up for the day at 7:00am. Ugh! I had already decided by this point that we'd be skipping church this morning. I figured both of us would be needing a mid or late morning nap. I went ahead and made coffee, and cooked a big breakfast.

So, fast forward to now. I've got dinner on the stove. It's a little after 6pm. Bobby NEVER napped today. I don't understand how he's even functioning right now, when I can't even barely do so. I was a grumpy, selfish brat all day today too because of my lack of sleep. Poor Bob having to deal with me!

We had to cancel our Super Bowl plans tonight. We will be eating in about 5 minutes, and then going to bed.

Seriously, what a doozie of a day!

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Shannon said...

Awww, J---I feel for ya! I know how this can be and when they don't nap...boy oh boy does that make for a long day! Sounds like Bobby might be going through some sleep transitions. Just remember this too shall mom kindly reminds me of that EVERY time I have a day like yours!

Hugs, friend! And fingers crossed for a wonderful night of sleep!


MikiHope said...

Hope you get some sleep soon!! I am a new follower from the Sunday Hop!!

Michele aka MikiHope

Ashley said...

Ugh I'm so sorry! I hate days like that. I hope you all get some good sleep tonight!

Lady Trinidad said...

oh man...a day without a nap sounds dreadful. I hope you recouperated well. feel better lil bobby.

Jamie said...

Sorry for the crummy day. I find more and more it's hard to always "make and keep plans" with kids. You never know what will arise! I hope today was a lot better!!


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