Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Proposal

We had the honor yesterday of witnessing a marriage proposal of one of our best friends!

Bob's friend, Mike (or, as he says "a brother from another mother") proposed to his girlfriend yesterday. In Birmingham, each year, the Mercedes Marathon always falls right around Valentine's Day. Mike, and his girlfriend Brandi ran the race together. The big plan was for Mike to propose to Brandi at the finish line.

Bob received an email from Michael earlier in the week, with very specific plans and details about the proposal. It was a special email, in that he included us with his family (which drove from SC to witness it), and her family. We've known Mike for five years, and it is strange (but cool!) that he is now living in Birmingham. He lived just a few houses down from us in our old house, in Orlando.

Once Bobby was born, Mike became "Uncle Mike." Now, it looks like he'll be welcoming a new aunt into our family. We love you Mike and Brandi! Congratulations!




Gabe and Kristen said...

So stinkin' cute! I just found your blog this morning! I LOVE that your ADORABLE dog does posts!!! As a dog owner myself I just can't get enough of it! Kudos to you for being so original!!

Joni said...

how sweet! i am a sucker for these kinds of things. Congrats to your friends too!

Trina Curran said...

That's such a sweet proposal! How neat! Congratulations. :) New aunts are fun. :)

Shannon said...

That's so cute! Yay for them and Happy Heart day to y'all!

Jamie said...

How sweet!

Btw, Nixon napped for 4 hours yesterday and slept so good last night. He's napping now and I am a little shocked. I hope this sticks for a while. I feel like our pattern is a few days on and then a couple days off. I hope Bobby is napping as I write this:) Have fun on your trip!! xoxo


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