Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Good... the bad... THE UGLY...


The Good: We cancelled our cable to save money, and to not idolize so many different TV shows.

the bad: We signed up for Netflix through our Wii.

THE UGLY: Now we're just hooked on shows we never saw in the past {future post coming soon}.

The Good: I clean my ears out daily with Q-tips.

the bad: I'm kind of obsessed with doing so, or even addicted.

THE UGLY: Bobby knows where the Q-tips are kept, and is copying me!

The Good: We are going to Orlando in a couple of weeks to visit my family.

the bad: We are road tripping it;

THE UGLY: On a 9 hour drive with a toddler and a dog. Enough said.



Mama K said...

These are good ones! I don't envy your road trip...Hope things go smoothly!

Daphne @ Flip Flops and Pearls said...

Good Morning Friend!

We are going to Tampa in a few weeks so I feel your pain! Although my kids are much older, I still hate to be in the car that long:)

Netflix is def. a cool concept. My son watches it via his Xbox. What will they think of next??

Hope your day is awesome!

Shannon said...

Oh gosh...I feel ya on a car ride with a toddler...ugh! When we go see my grandparents in W Va, it's a 14 hour car ride!

(And maybe tmi, but I do the same thing with Qtips!)

Waiting said...

We canceled our cable almost 3 years ago and it was great. Then they came out with streaming on Netflix. All your shows with one press of the button. Except when they keep some on DVD only. HA!

Good luck on your road trip! I hope it is fun and safe!

Amanda said...

I'm in Orlando! I hope the weather is nicer for you in a couple weeks than it is right now. =)

I am SO there with you on the Qtips. Alligator does it too...with her forks, her peas, green beans, etc...making it awfully messy eating lately. =)

Enjoy your trip!!

Jamie said...

So funny, I am the exact same way with q-tips! Cute post. Good luck with your road trip.

Ashley said...

Ha, Mia is doing the same thing with the q-tips. Your car trip doesn't sound fun! :(


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