Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Trip Recap - Part Three

Here are the last of our pictures from Christmas. These pictures are from Christmas Eve and Day. Enjoy!

"Santa's Lil Helper"

Kathy and I in our twin Christmas PJ's... even though you can't see the pants! Ha! I just thought this was a cute picture... we had just taken our showers too.

Bobby is treated like a king at dinner on Christmas Eve.

This is such a typical gift from my dad! Thanks Dad! (don't mind the spit-up on my right shoulder, please!) :-)

My sister got these for us! They are so cute!!! I wish I didn't have mine on backwards though. Love the pom-pom on Bobby's!

Yeah... he's the cutest baby ever!

From l to r: Kathy, Ricky, my cousin, Gloria, my aunt, Bobby, Bob, and me. Gloria, Ricky, and my other cousin and uncle (not pictured) had driven down from New York the day before.

Bobby met his Bisabuela (great-grandmother in Spanish) for the first time at Christmas. Bless her heart, while visiting us, she had a heart attack! She spent almost 4 days in the hospital. Thankfully, she was released on Christmas Day.

Well, that finally wraps up Christmas for us! Next year, we'll be in Peachtree City. And, then, no more traveling on Christmas for us. We want our family to form memories opening gifts on Christmas morning in our own home.


Jessica said...

My hands are tied...I can't agree that he is the cutest baby ever...but he surely takes the cake for the cutest 8 month old : )

Hope you guys had an awesome new years!

LyndsAU said...

He is so stinkin cute :) He's gotten so big :)


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