Friday, January 29, 2010

More Bobby Updates

- Bobby is not quite a crawler yet, but so close. He will crawl 1-2 steps, and then plop down on his belly. He'll then proceed to army crawl a "step" or so, and then repeat the whole process all over again.

(This is why my blog has been slacking lately... I'm trying to watch his every move!)

- Bobby is also pulling up on everything! He even tries to pull up on Winston, which is hilarious. Winston is a good sport.

- Bobby is really, really interested in Winston nowadays. He watches his every move, and just giggles up a storm when Winston walks near him. This is especially distracting in the high chair at mealtime.

- Table food eaten this week: cheese, hamburger meat, and bread.

- It has been a bad teething week! With the exception of one night, Bobby has gotten up 1-2 times each night. It was particularly bad two nights ago. The poor guy was in so much pain. I, of course, pulled out the big guns and gave him some Motrin. His naps haven't really been affected too badly. We've had two bad naps all week, which isn't much.

- Speaking of teeth, I bought Bobby some toothpaste today, and a little finger brush for me to use on him. He's got 2 teeth, and another coming (top).

- The baby boy has some snot! With the combo of teething, and the weather turning colder, I feel like I should buy stock in Kleenex! I am still not sure how one little baby can accumulate so much.

- Bobby is using the bathtub now without his bath seat. He is such a big boy! Bob does a much better job of bathing him, because he can handle him better. As I just mentioned, he is pulling up, even in the bathtub.

- I finally got Bobby his first pair of "soft" shoes today. I realized while at the park this week, that the kid needs shoes to play outside.

Well, I think that about covers Bobby's life this week :)


Jamie said...

I loved reading all of this. You are going to be SO glad you are doing this, I'm sure you already are. As you know I am printing my blogs from the past few years and looking back on pics and events I feel like crying how fast the time flies. My baby boy is such a little boy now and my second baby boy is going to grow just as fast... I'm so sentimental:)

The McCrystals said...

So neato! I can't believe you had to get him a toothbrush already! I can't believe he'll be a year old in 3 months (That ran through my head while I was taking this elusive thing called a shower - it was lovely).

I'm the better bather in my family, FYI, but who knows once she starts actually being in control of her limbs :)


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