Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Drew and Bobby Show

Here's another installment of the Drew and Bobby Show. If you remember from this post, they can be quite talkative!

Again, I was there to eavesdrop over the entire conversation.

Bobby: Drew. Drew. Drew!!! Are you sure you want to eat that? Dude, let me give you this teether in my hand. It's way softer on the gums, man.
Drew: I'm tough. I'm tough. I can handle this block. Watch me CHOW DOWN!
Bobby: Wow. Ok, ok.

Bobby: Alright, alright. If you don't want the teether, then I guess a stuffed animal will do. I'm 6 whole weeks older than you. I know best.

Drew: So Bobby... what do you think of MY toys?
Bobby: Yeah, yeah dude. They're pretty cool.
Drew: We've got our parents wrapped around our fingers, huh? Look at my mom trying to hand another toy to me!
Bobby: Yeah, I know. It's great. Let's keep this up until we're 18. Our secret.

Drew: So, are you using Johnson's Shampoo or Aveeno?
Bobby: Aveeno. But, I need to switch to your brand. You have way more hair than I do!

Drew: Is that toy organic?

Bobby and Drew: Whaaaat?!? Leave us alone! Stop taking our picture! We're trying to play! You guys are SO annoying. Gawsh!

Drew: I don't know man. I think my dad is weirder than yours.
Bobby: No, no... my dad is definitely more weird.
Drew: Ok, ok... they are equally weird!
Bobby: True... they do have a bromance going on!


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