Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In our culture, it is customary for meals to be brought to a family, when they welcome a new baby. When we had Bobby, we had meals brought to us just about every other night for three whole weeks! During that time, the generosity of our friends and neighbors was a huge blessing for us.

Here in the South, they call this kind gesture, "storking." Isn't that cute? I had never heard of this term before, so excuse me, if it is not just the South that labels it as such. And, there is even a website Take Them A Meal! that will handle all the logistics of setting up a schedule for the recipient and "storkers."

Since moving in, I have reciprocated this sweet act, with five different families. I hadn't even met two of the new moms, but thought this would be the perfect way to introduce myself. We had strangers (but, neighbors) do the same for us.

Anyhow, Bobby and Winston tagged along the other night, as we storked a fellow neighbor. She and her husband had a baby girl, four weeks ago...

"Mom, I'm cold! Let's get the show on the road!"

Our wagon - the perfect vehicle for precious cargo: baby and meal. (Please excuse the dog poo in the background, ha!!!)

Winston and Bobby checking out the goods before we headed out the door. It passed their inspection.

If you know of a new mom, I highly encourage you to stork her. I promise you, she will appreciate it so very much!


The McCrystals said...

That's really awesome that you have such a tight community.

Can Bobby be any cuter?

Ever since I was pregnant and we'd walk down to our Starbucks on the weekend and we saw a dad with two kids in a wagon, Dale has been so excited to get a wagon to take Bryn to the park in. I mean, he mentions it like at least once a week.

I see you get a lot of use out of yours! He'll be very happy to hear that :)

Cute packaging of your food too! Where in the world do you find the time, woman?

Kendalls said...

Totally agree! The meals were so appreciated! Never heard of being storked! Too funny! Bobby is so freaking cute! Happy man!!

prashant said...

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