Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Trip Recap - Part Two

The rest of our trip in Orlando was spent doing various things. We spent a lot of time with my brother Michael and his family. We caught a Magic game. We goofed off with my family. We visited with my best friend. We drove by our house. We ate, drink, and were merry! These pictures are basically just a summary of what we did, and do not include Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I'll save that for my last Christmas post.

Bob and I still own our home in Florida. We are so blessed to have a sweet, caring couple in our home right now. They are going on their second year with us, and they are truly a Godsend. Anyhow, we decided to drive by the ol' crib. Our house is very "Florida" and was quite the pad for entertaining. I miss our pool dearly, but luckily, our neighborhood here has a great one. Anyhow, we had to take a picture of the house, because we couldn't believe how tall the plants we had planted right before our wedding (October, 2007) had grown! The plant to the left of the courtyard gate is taller than the house. This plant was shorter than me (I'm 5'5) when we moved in June of 2008.

Our tropical paradise, built in 1969.

Here is a picture of my dear hubby with my sister, Kathy. Of course, Bobby is there too! These two feed off each other when it comes to being funny. I'm so glad my sister (aka, my best friend) gets along so well with Bob. In my parent's house, there are three bedrooms upstairs. At this point of the trip, my grandmother was staying in one room. Bobby was in the biggest room (because of his Pack 'N Play), and then there was the 3rd room. Well, the first night, Bob and I slept in the room with Bobby, because it had the biggest bed. The 3rd room has two twin beds, where my sister slept. Well, Bob did not want to sleep with Bobby the next night, because he kept waking him up. So, the next night, Bob and my sister slept in the 3rd room together. Of course, they were in twin beds. So, the rest of the trip, I kept making crude jokes about how my husband and sister slept together! My dad didn't see the humor.

Bob, Bobby, and Kathy goofing off.

I love this picture of me and Bobby. He is always sucking on his fingers these days.

Of course I had to eat at one of my most favorite restaurants while visiting, Tijuana Flats. Check out the little snot in the background. I kid you not, she was staring at us like that the entire time!

Bobby and Kathy sharing a moment. I LOVE this picture!

Bob and I were able to check out a Magic game while visiting. My brother has season tickets, and always hooks us up when we visit!

Third row baby! Let's go Magic!

Here is my niece Meagan, and Bobby. I have to say that Meagan was my little Mother's Helper while visiting. She really did a great job with Bobby. She should though; she's the oldest of four. I told my brother she's a Domestic Diva in training. And, as my sister says, she's 10 going on 20. Love this girl.

Bobby met Santa too while visiting. I haven't scanned the picture yet, but it turned out cute! This is just a picture of him waiting in line. He wore his Baby's First Christmas overalls. This is a tradition that we will do each year... just as my mom did for me :-)

I love, love, love living in Birmingham. But, my heart hurts every time we visit Orlando. I grew up there. Aside from going away for college, and, having moved there when I was 7, I lived there for 22 years. My parents are there, and two of my three siblings. It will always be...



The Wilder Family said...

One more thing that is kinda weird......I am psycho about Tijuana Flats too!! I ate there at least 1-2 times a week when we lived in Naples......we are such kindred spirits my friend.

Susan D. said...

Looks like you had a great trip! I use to track my mileage. It's free & I love being able to keep track of it electronically.

Jamie said...

I'm glad you had such a great/special trip. That is neat that so much family was able to be there for Bobby's baptism. He is such a cutie. Lets try to meet up really soon!!!

Something kind of funny... My friend whose little boy is a day older than Nixon put on FB today that her little boy was sitting and all of a sudden stood up... Isn't that just crazy?!? Holding on to nothing just stood up... Her kids are so advanced, it's hard to believe but I know it's true because we saw it happen with her little girl when we lived near them.

Jeff and Stacy Holmes said...

What a great recap of an awesome Christmas trip with your family! I can totally identify with your heart hurting when you go HOME...I get that same feeling everytime I go back to Alabama to visit my mom.

Bobby's baptisim pictures are adorable; I can't believe how big he's getting. He little facial features have changed so much in just 8 short's amazing to watch them grow up!

Happy New Year to you guys!!


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