Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Food... Be Gone!

I have an announcement to make...

We've banished baby food from this house!
(Well, at least until we have another baby down the road...) I couldn't be more excited, because it too, can make a dent in your pocket book. I truly did have all intentions of making Bobby's baby food, but it just never happened. Now, we are completely on table food. Or, as I call it "people food." (Again, there I go with another dog reference). I went shopping yesterday, and bought some cottage cheese, deli meat (with no preservatives), Yo Baby Yogurt, cheese, fruits, and vegetables, and a few Gerber Graduate toddler meals (I couldn't resist, they were 10/$10.00).

So mommies... do you have any other suggestions?

We obviously are still eating food that is soft, and easily chewable. I'd love some more options. I spent more than usual at the store (what an oxymoron!) because I kept putting new stuff in the cart for Bobby to try.

What a face! He's not so sure about his dinner.

Ground beef, cheese, and strawberries... dinner of Champions!

Aside from making adjustments to Bobby's cuisine, we've been pretty busy here. This week, I've got my running group meeting up twice, a Girl's Night Out planned for Wednesday, a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and the normal day to day activities. Bob has his Tuesday night ride tonight, and is keeping busy with work. Bobby has a play date planned for Friday afternoon, and a birthday party to attend on Saturday. And, the most exciting part is, we'll be getting a visit from my brother and his family tomorrow! They are driving over for the day from Atlanta. His kids have Spring Break this week. On top of all of that, the weather is gorgeous!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



Shannon said...

Go Bobby! I cannot wait for the day GG is eating table food. You are so right, baby food is pricey. I have a friend that suggested jello (sugar free), baked and mashed regular and sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese...hmm that's all I can remember now. Good luck with this. Can't wait to read how it goes.

The Kendall Family said...

Hailey likes.... fruit, pasta with veggie loaded sauce, chicken pot pie, shepherd's pie, butternut squash chunks, lentils or any beans loaded with veggies/pasta and ground sausage, waffles, french toast, pancakes, bagel, bread/jelly, yo-baby, hamburger helper with veggies, muffins, lots of cheese, rice, black beans, ...

Bobby is so precious! Love watching him grow!!


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