Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little dog hair won't hurt...

First of all, can I get a hellz yeah for babies in diapers? I mean, only diapers?!? I think it's so cute.

Anyhow, Bobby has a few drawers and cabinets in the kitchen that are open for exploring. He loves getting into the tupperware drawer. He'll often pull out a few containers. I am usually pretty good about rinsing them, or placing them in the dishwasher; depending on how dirty they become.

Well, evidently today, Bob brown-bagged his lunch (which I made), and there was dog hair all in the tupperware. I was cracking up laughing when he told me over the phone. I guess I was in a rush, and placed the dirty tupperware back in the drawer.

Poor Bob...



Jamie said...

hellz yea, lol. i totally agree, i think it's so cute, i also love the t shirt and diaper look. you can only pull it off for so long so we might as well let them work it while they can.

so funny about the dog hair!!

Shannon said...

Ewwww, but funny! Love GG in only a diaper...babies are so cute that way! Bobby's such a cutie patootie!

The McCrystals said...

Love babies in diapers. I was actually thinking that before I read what you wrote!

Okay, I may have missed something, but is he walking? He sure looks like it.

That's too funny about Bob. Did I tell you I made Dale and I lunches a while back and they consisted of the usual (sandwich, chips, etc) and he called and goes "Someone took a bite out of my sandwich!" Turns out I had given him my lunch instead, which I was starving when I made, so I took a bite out of it. Ah, good times!

Jamie Lynn said...

Too funny~ my husband can relate:) I think babies in diapers is so cute too! I just found your blog and thought I'd say Hi! Stop by and say Hi! Have a great day!


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