Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last night, I went out to dinner with five of my closest friends. Claire, a beautiful redhead was amongst the bunch. Claire is from the UK, and we all drool over her accent. She tells us to have a lovely day. She talks about her wardrobe, instead of closet. And, she calls a fussy baby, a grizzly baby. Anyhow, you can see why we are all enamored with her! The English are just so much more classier than us Southerners. (Yikes, did I just call myself a Southerner?) Well, somehow in conversation, the acronym BFF was brought up. Claire innocently asks what it means. We tell her, "best friends forever." She then says, "oh my! I always thought it meant best f-ing friend!"

While I may not be dropping the f bomb very often, I do kinda like her interpretation better!




1 comment:

Gina Harris said...

hahahahahaha....this just makes me laugh EVERYTIME!!! I am sitting here laughing about it right now!


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