Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday

It was almost one year ago...
When we headed out west to Tacoma, Washington for one last shin-dig, pre-Bobby.

Who would've thought we'd be parents 3 days after returning home?

Bob and I, April 2009 with the Puget Sound in the background.

For more on Bobby's early delivery, go here.



Shannon said...

Wow, three days later, huh?! It looks beautiful there! Happy Friday, Jen and have a great Easter!

The McCrystals said...

I remember you guys going on this trip - and then 3 days later. And, for someone with a horrible memory, I remember everything from when you called me, like how you left your phone at home and couldn't get in touch with Bobbo for a while.

I swear, it feels like just yesterday you called to tell me you were pregnant!

jbeatty said...

it's crazy how tiny you were when you delivered. i remember the phone call from you from the hospital the night before bobby was born... can't believe it's been almost a year.


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