Monday, September 22, 2008

Cutting the cake...

The happy Bride and Groom!

Bob and I (yes, this is my favorite dress, and I wear it ALL the time) :)

Dennis and Michelle Early
Dennis is Dale's best friend.

The cake, with an "M" monogram for McCrystal!


Jamie said...

Congrats to Lisa, she's a pretty bride. That dress looks great on you, it should be your favorite. Your hair looks really cute short! Glad you had a nice visit home.

Sorry I've been loserly and haven't called. It's been hard to be on the phone lately. Tyson says, "off phone, mommy, off phone" when I'm on it.

The Ross Family said...

Thanks girl, and I'm sure Lisa does too!

I've been loserly too, so don't feel badly. It's like, somedays you just have a "window" where you can chat on long calls, and it's so hard to take advantage of it! How cute about Tyson :)


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