Monday, September 22, 2008

House Progression, continued

Here is our weekly Ross Bridge update:

September 21, 2008

The exterior is almost complete. The painting is done on the front, and one side. I hope by next Sunday, it will be fully painted. We also have stairs and a sidewalk!

All of the doors will look like this. I love the character these doors have! It's the simple details like this that we fell in love with. If you ever have the opportunity to build a Signature Home, do it!!!

Our stairs!

More brick detail...

Master bathroom

We are getting more and more excited. We are expecting a closing date of mid-November, but that is just our guess. Start planning your trip to visit :)


Jamie said...

I love the door, looking good girl! We'll need to make plans for a visit.

The Ross Family said...

We definitely need to visit one another. We have 4 more road trips planned until the end of the year - craaaazy!

You guys should come stay w/ us when the house is done. Brad and Bob can play golf at Ross Bridge - it's only the 3rd longest course in the world - lol.


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