Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm addicted to Facebook. Seriously.
I am so thankful for my best friend Lisa. She has no idea how much I miss, and depend on her.
Can someone please recommend a good razor? Still having problems...
I cannot wait for 90210 tonight! Bummed over Tori Spelling not reprising her role though.
The Jolly Green Giant lives above us. I have never heard someone stomp around so loudly!
I want a hot tub, badly.
My knee is finally feeling better. I ran for all of 7 minutes today on the treadmill.
I'm excited for my sister's trip to Germany!
I really like my new job, and truly want the store to do well, because the owners are genuinely kind, good people.
I think McCain's VP nominee, Palin is a cutie pie.
We are doing a lot of traveling over the next few months - hello Road Trips!
I give props to Obama for stating in the media that candidates' families and especially children should not be brought into the election. SHOCKER!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Someday I will recount to you our joy of having a 400 pound person with boulders for feet living int he apt above us while our toddler son tried to sleep. Jolly? Not so much!


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