Sunday, September 28, 2008

House Progression, continued

September 28, 2008

Bob and I could not believe our eyes when we arrived at the house this week. We had our landscaping done! The grass is still being put down by the driveway, but for the most part it is complete. We totally thought this would be the very last thing to happen. I love the big bush they put in the front right side. The exterior painting is almost complete. All of the green is done, and now we are waiting for the trim to be finished.

Here is a BAD picture of our kitchen. It was quite annoying, as our camera had these pesky white spots showing up every so often. Does anyone know what causes this? Anyhow, we have a huge island, with tons and tons of cabinet space. I was thinking of where I'd put everything, and just can't believe how much storage space I'll have!

This is an upgrade we had put in our kitchen. We also have under-cabinet lights, and a couple of drawers for pots and pans too. The cabinets are a bit dusty, as this is still very much a construction site.

We chose every detail for this house - the knobs, grout for the brick, roof, paint (in & out), faucets, lights, just everything! It was an overwhelming, but fun process. I love the kitchen knobs we chose.


mom said...

jen and bob the kitchen looks magnificent- i love all the cabinets and all the space you have- how lucky you both are- love it!!!!!!

pig said...

i think the little white dots are orbs.....:) i love the kitchen and im so jealous, cant wait to see it soon

Jamie said...

everything looks really good. your kitchen is so spacious, i love all the detail. you two have great style!

The Ross Family said...

Thanks girls! Our old house was fabulous, but we had a pretty small kitchen. I am looking forward to having space finally. I told Bob I was going to be cooking as much as possible!

Kathy, I found out that the spots came from dust particles in the house.


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