Monday, September 22, 2008

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Dale McCrystal!

Bob and I headed down to Orlando September 12 - 17th. The reason for this trip was to see my best friend Lisa get married! She had a beautiful wedding, and it was so "them." We had a great time, and wish nothing but marital bliss ;) for them :)

Here they are, heading to the altar. They got married outdoors, in a park in Orlando.

Lisa's oldest sister Ann, married them.

Here's the bride and groom posing after the ceremony!

The reception was held at Luma on Park Avenue in their wine cellar. Here is a pic of the room, before most of the guests arrived.

Groom's cake....Go Gators!!!
Bob and Dale actually knew one another at UF. We introduced these two love-birds...xoxoxo.

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