Friday, September 5, 2008

Frame Walk

Here's a sneak preview of our house!

We typically visit our home on Sundays, hence my Ross Bridge Sundays sidebar. Anyhow, today we had our Frame Walk meeting with the builder. The roof is done, and all of the windows and doors are now installed. And, our brick columns are almost done too! I was so excited to see the outcome. You'll also notice the painting has started. It is hard to see, but we chose a green called Earth Green. The trim will be a creamy color, with black painted on the windows (the wood parts, in the middle). Our front door will be stained a dark brown. I am very happy with the green. I think it will look great once it's done. It would be great to have the house painted when we go back this Sunday. I was really nervous over choosing the exterior paint. You just never know with the color green! It is very similar to the green I had for my bridesmaid dresses. Can you tell it's my favorite color?

After the exterior is done, which should be any day now, the interior will begin. The next step is drywall. The closing date moved up on us a bit! They told us today, it will probably be late October, early November!!! We are hoping for the latter.


Jamie said...

the house is looking good!

yes, we stayed up to watch mccain, it was another great one. this is all so exciting!

mom said...

i like grren too- the house is looking so good- wow

kathy said...

i cant believe how fast its getting done, woah

Jamie said...

by the way... i love me venus razor that has 5 blades. have you tried that one?

Shannon said...

wow, that house it amazing! i can't wait to see what you do w/ the inside!


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