Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bobby's Fall Activities

Although it is nearly the weekend again, I had intended to do a weekend recap today. However, my pictures are taking forever to upload; so, I'm going to just write about our fall activities. I suppose I can do one giant weekend recap post, after this Halloween weekend.

I am really enjoying my time home with Bobby as he gets older. He is noticeably learning and saying new things each day. I am simply fascinated by how much his little brain processes. He's really coming out of his shell too. I know kids are resilient, but I think our crazy traveling schedule last month really did a number on him!

Anyhow, as I just mentioned, he is such a sponge. So, with that being said, I made sure to stack our schedule with activities this fall. He's not in MDO. And, I'm not planning on starting him in school until at least next August. It was important for me to give him daily interactions with other kids. Thankfully, just our neighborhood alone is sometimes suffice!

This fall, Bobby is again doing a semester of Kindermusik. He loves going, and the benefits of having your child involved in some kind of music curriculum is overwhelming {at least that's what all the important studies say} - Ha!

Kindermusik's website states, "You and your child will play, listen, and dance to musical activities specifically designed to stimulate early childhood development and strengthen neural pathways in your child's mind."

We are also attending story time twice a week at our local library. The first class is tailored specifically to 1 year olds, and is limited. We sing songs, read books, and eat a snack. The story time has a theme each week, and lasts thirty minutes. The second class is open to anyone, and is for kids 3 and under. It too has a theme, with songs, puppets, and stories. We usually will spend some time playing in the preschool area of the library after class, and pick out books for the week. It is funny because we will often run into neighborhood friends, or even friends from Kindermusik. We live in such a small town, I feel like sometimes...!

The last scheduled activity is play group. Play group is super casual, and often held outside (park or pool) or someone's house. We've been doing play group for almost a year, now that I think about it! It is fun, and I really enjoy this activity because I can catch up with my good friends too.

So, overall we are busy four days a week, which is perfect. I never feel rushed to get things done, and it still leaves a good amount of time to run errands and do our day to day stuff. This is beneficial, especially since I work most Saturdays.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to Halloween this year! Bobby is going as a puppy dog. He's going to make a cute one! We are heading to our friend's house for chili first, and then will be trick or treating in our neighborhood. I can't wait to see all the kids dressed up! Best of all, it's supposed to actually be chilly outside! I'm ready for some cooler weather!

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