Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday - Wedding Edition

I had the bright idea of adding a little spin to my Flashback Friday posts. For the next several months, I will be devoting my FF posts to my wedding. I actually thought of this recently; the night we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. You see... I have nearly 700 photographs from our wedding day, courtesy of our awesome wedding photographers. Yet, just a *snippet* of these photos are in our actual album, and in our home. So, I thought it would be fun to showcase them on my blog.

This week's theme?

Our Engagement

Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of the proposal. However, I do have a couple of pictures that were used pertaining to our engagement.

This picture was my favorite one taken during our engagement picture session. We framed it, and used it as our guest "book" during the wedding. It hangs in our home today.

August 2007

This picture was taken by Bob's dad. We used it for our engagement announcement in our local newspaper.

December 2006

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Next week's theme: Bridal Luncheon (or something of that equivalent) Pictures

I know you don't want all of those pictures to go to waste, right? :)

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Shannon said...

That is such a great first picture! Was that the one that y'all used in the newspaper?


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