Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Makings of a B-A-B-Y

Image courtesy of Bob Ross.

Or, something like that...

As I see Bobby change and develop each new day, I have started feeling the pressure of really wanting to add to our little family. Having had Bobby at 30, I thought that naturally the next one would be born at the ripe, old age of 32. Well, I'll be 32 in December, so... I can only hope we can swing that! Ha! I don't know why I put all of these stupid timelines, deadlines, etc... on my life. It is actually kind of stupid, and I need to just trust that things will happen when they're meant to happen. This last statement rings so true for me lately {ding, ding, ding}, and I am thankful to have learned or realized this over the past few months.

Bob has definitely given me some perspective on having another child right now. We've had a rough few months financially, due to Bob's layoff in June. While we have managed to stay afloat, we have also realized that we were not as prepared for such a calamity; as we had thought or hoped. So, with all that being said, we have become wiser with our finances. And, while the mommy in me wants to hurry up and procreate again; I do agree that we should wait a little while longer. It is stressful enough having a newborn. There is no need to add another stress on top of that.

I think I'll probably look back on this post one day and laugh. My family will be complete. My child(ren) will be happy, healthy, and perfect. And, I'll wonder why the heck I was ever even thinking these thoughts? Ahhh.... but, who cares? :)


Shannon said...

So funny, Jen! I'm 31 and I am not sure we're quite ready for another one just yet! It IS SUCH a MAJOR responsibility, financially and otherwise! Plus I am so enjoying this time with just GG. There's always time to have another child, but for me, this time with Gillian Grace right now is something I can never get back! Enjoy just relax (like you're doing!). And hand it all over to God, my friend! P.S. Weren't y'all so relieved that we had an off weekend from the Gators this past weekend!? Whew!

Jamie said...

I think as women and moms we just have these natural maternal instincts, timelines... as you know it'll all workout just fine. When you have your second is when you'll really realize how little Bobby was when you were thinking these thoughts and that's when you'll laugh. That's what happens to me anyway.


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