Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Zoo

Last week, Bobby and I headed to the zoo with Volree and Cooper, our friends across the street.

We had a fun afternoon, and the boys had a great time! We got there around 2:30pm, and stayed until about 4pm. It was a nice way to kill some time that afternoon. Volree and I, along with most of my friends have annual zoo passes. Volree, who is taking up photography, took some great pictures. Without Bob's help, I couldn't figure out how to transfer the downloaded pictures she sent, to my desktop. So, unfortunately most of these pictures were dropped in straight from her email. I have been a Mac user for 2.5 years now, but there are still some things I need help with - obviously!

Love, love, love this picture of Bobby. Volree did some of her photo editing magic on it to liven up the colors. Notice his Safari shirt he wore that day!

Cooper and Bobby taking a break on a bench.

Bobby sucking on his two fingers - classic move.

Cooper checking out the animals, and Bobby, checking out Cooper.

Mommy showing Bobby the sea lions.

Ok, so these two pictures were stolen straight from Volree's blog, which is why they are bigger.

How awesome is this picture of the tiger? His eyes are beautiful! He was laying right by the glass.

We were lucky enough to stumble onto the lion/lioness den for feeding time. It was pretty cool!

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Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures! Your friend is a great photographer. So the B'ham Zoo must be pretty good. We don't have one here in Mobile and the closest is either Pensacola (small zoo) or the biggie in New Orleans! Glad y'all had fun. With the cooler weather, it's nice to get out and enjoy it! Does Bobby have a favorite animal? And his shirt is cute!


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