Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Recap - Family Tailgating Party

We had an okay weekend. It would have been much better if Bobby and I hadn't been struck by the stomach bug! For me, it started Saturday night around 9pm. Bob had just gotten home from a neighborhood party (see below...), and I headed straight to bed complaining of an upset stomach. Well, I groaned in pain for a good 4 hours, before I finally got sick! It was bad, and lasted another hour or so. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as the last time I had the stomach bug; but, it still sucked. We had no idea Bobby had it too, until Bob went into his room Sunday morning. The poor little guy had vomited all over his crib, but never made a peep. We are both feeling better today, but not quite 100%.

Thankfully, I had bought these for all of my toilets during my last grocery trip:


But, aside from that mess, we had a good weekend. On Friday, for the second week straight, I again had a little happy hour with my girlfriends in the neighborhood. We met at my friend Claire's house, and fed the kids dinner. It was so nice out, and we enjoyed feeding the kids, and having some wine on the patio. Bobby played really well with the other munchkins. We are thinking of making this a weekly tradition, since Claire is moving back to England in December. Boo.

On Saturday, Bob was again stuck doing some work for a certification. I ran errands while Bobby napped. Afterwards, I took him and Winston for a long walk. We then headed to a family-oriented tailgating party in our neighborhood. My friend Brooke organized it. Everyone brought their own BYOB, and a side dish or dessert. Brooke's husband set up two screens and projectors. There were a couple of bounce houses for the kids too. We had a good time. Too bad our Gators lost, yet again! Bobby was ready for bed shortly after our game started, so I headed home. Bob was able to stay and enjoy (or rather, not enjoy) our game with the neighbors.

I stole these pictures from my friend Lexy's Facebook page...

Bob and Lexy's husband Steven. They are Mississippi State fans!

The two jumbo screens!

The neighbors tailgating before the sun set.

Bobby and Steven.

Bob helping himself to some yummy food!

Well, as you can imagine, the rest of our weekend was spent recovering from Saturday night's debacle. Bob took care of Bobby all day yesterday, so I could catch up on my sleep from the previous night. I'm so thankful for such a helpful and loving husband!

Hope you had a great weekend too, and an even better week ahead!

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Shannon said...

Yes, what's up with the Gators?! Looks like y'all had fun inspite of getting sick. I had the stomach bug two weeks ago and since then it's been like a revolving door of illnesses. Must be that time of the year! Your neighborhood looks so nice! Wish we had something like that! Hope y'all are feeling better!


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