Sunday, October 10, 2010

Train Park and Our Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. I'm a bit tired, and ready to zone out to HBO's Boardwalk Empire. But I am determined to start blogging more regularly again. So, here's our weekend recap...

I started off the weekend with a little play date/wine date with two of my friends in the neighborhood. My friend Claire recently had a baby and wanted to have a glass of wine, and chat with the girls. I invited her, her precious newborn girl Chloe, and her son Cameron (born 3 weeks before Bobby) over. My neighbor Volree, across the street, also came over with her son Cooper (born 5 months after Bobby). Both Cameron and Cooper are in Bobby's play group. And, of course Claire and Volree are two of my closest friends in the 'Ham. We met in the late afternoon, and all three boys ate dinner and played, while we caught up.

On Saturday, I had to work. But, luckily for Bob, he was able to go to UnCorked on the Green. I was bummed to have missed this event, because it ranks as one of my favorites for our neighborhood's events. It is a FREE (for the public as well) wine and beer sampling festival. Hopefully I'll get to go next year! I know Bob had a good time with our neighbors, and Bobby was really good too.

After that, and work, we sat back and watched our Gators lose for the 2nd straight week. We are bummed over this - but, we couldn't feel too badly. Alabama lost too! Actually, it was just a crazy day in SEC football!

Today was a good day. I cooked a casserole for breakfast. I also made some soup for lunch, and made enough for the next few days. I even cooked meatloaf tonight for dinner. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today cooking, and enjoyed it. Bob had to take an 8 hour online course for work, so he was pretty much homeward bound all day. After Bobby's nap, we headed to our neighborhood "choo choo train" park, for a much needed break. We are so blessed to have all the amenities we have, and this park is no exception. It is just over a mile from our home, and it really is beautiful. There is a train track that runs behind our neighborhood, and you can hear the train many times throughout the day. Some people probably would not like that, but we love it. And, trust me, it's not loud. Sometimes we have to strain to hear it. But, nonetheless, that is the reason for our gem of a train park. It was hot today (low 90's); so, this park was perfectly shaded, and it felt very comfortable.

Mommy pointing out the fish in the stream to Bobby.

Walking down the ravine, Bobby checks back to make sure his Mommy is still there!

Cute little butt getting into mischief.

Bobby holds down the Caboose!

"Look at me mommy and daddy!"

Even Winston joined in on the fun.

The "choo choo train."

Bobby makes a great conductor!

The bridge at the park... isn't it pretty?

Bobby and Daddy watching the fish, (which we fed.)

Love these boys!


Jamie said...

Your park looks so nice. My boys would love that! I'm glad you are back to blogging. You won't regret it. I've made quite a few books now from my blog and they are priceless. I hope you have a good week!

mom said...

Loved the pictures- looks like you had a great Sunday! Miss themunchkin!

Waiting said...

What a great park! Is the train free for residents?

What kind of soup did you make? I have been wanting to make some, but can't think of any good recipes.


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