Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Years

Bob and I celebrated three years of marriage today!

It is hard to believe the things we've done in three years: get married, move, build a house, get pregnant, move again, have a baby, and change jobs (Bob) - Whew!

One of our many traditions in our marriage is to watch our wedding video on our anniversary. It is a reminder of how important our family and friends are in our life. It was particularly emotional for me this time around. I saw people in the video who I've drifted apart from, and people who I miss. I saw our family and friends, and realized how amazing these people are. How fortunate and lucky I am to have the life I lead? I know you most likely feel the same way.

The struggles and hurt we've endured these past few months have taught me so much. I finally know what's important to me. I finally know to not sweat the small stuff. I finally know that life isn't always going to go the way I want. I am amazed at the support I've received from my friends and family. And, more surprisingly, the support I've received from people I barely know, or did not expect. People truly are a beautiful thing, don't you think? The letters, emails, texts and phone calls have been overwhelming regarding my dad and his current health. Perhaps it's a Southern thing, or a Christian thing? Or, a human thing? Either way, it has been nothing but abundance love.

I cried tonight watching my wedding video and seeing my Father/Daughter dance with my dad. Dad, I love you so much, and I hope you realize that you are an amazing man and have a family here in Birmingham that cares so deeply about you!

I am thankful for Bob. I am thankful for the parents that brought us up. I am thankful for our extended family. And, of course, I am thankful to our close friends.

A marriage not only represents the bond between two people, but also between their family and friends.

Be happy, be yourself, and be loved...


Shannon said...

Wow Jen, that was absolutely beautiful! Happy anniversary! I may not know all of what you've experienced or are currently going through, but we're thinking of y'all down here in Lower Alabama and wishing your entire family, especially your father, well. Take care!

5th Belle Avenue said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

V.Wade said...

Way to make a girl cry.. Happy Anniversary! Love yall!!

mom said...

Now I am crying..... but loved your blog- we miss the three of you hopefully this month will go by mom

The Wilder Family said...

Jen - We've been praying for your Dad from the beginning and hope he is doing okay. Happy Anniversary to you and Bobbo.


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