Monday, October 11, 2010

Strike One

How can life really be that bad, when you have this sweet boy?

As I previously mentioned, we've had a rough past few months. You know the saying, bad things happen in 3's? Well, let me just say, I now believe this stupid myth to be true. At least in my case.

The first thing that we had to endure was Bob losing his job at the end of June. This was definitely a shock and surprise to us, and I feel, the people he worked with as well, and his clients. Bob's former company moved us to Birmingham in June of 2008. Thankfully for us, we love it here; and it did not factor into our outrage once he was laid off. Now, you see... if I had written this post right after it happened, it would have been much more emotional, and filled with anger and hurt. However, the day it happened, we both said that it was a blessing in disguise. We knew that right off the bat.

Now, this does not mean it was warranted. Bob was an outstanding employee, hard worker, and had the most positive attitude on a day to day basis. He produced results in his position, and made his company profitable. I know I am partial, obviously. But, these were the things we heard from his former co-workers. It was something that was done unfairly to him, and we feel, was a rash decision {the company had just brought in their 3rd president in one year, just days prior}.

So, you see... this was our Strike One for the summer. However, Bob is resilient. He is positive, smart, charasmatic, energetic, and just a go-getter! And, because of him, I was able to bounce right back too. Bob's working a new job now, and is quite enjoying it! I can see a positive change in his everyday demeanor, and he is throughly enjoying what he does for a living. I will blog more about his new job in a few days. I want Bob's input on the post, in case any of my readers would ever need his services! (insert smile here).

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Isaiah 41:10


Jamie said...

Very sweet post. I love all your new pictures in your side bar. Especially the family picture, titled Go Gators, very cute!

Tracey said...

So sorry to hear about your tough times. Hopefully sunny skies are just ahead! Sending good thoughts. :)

Jamie said...

I want to clarify... when I said very sweet post I meant your perspective on the unfortunate event, yours and bob's commitment to each other, your sweet words about your hubby... i'm glad you've got such a great guy. you're right about your comment below bobby's face. i think that a lot. how blessed we are!


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