Sunday, November 21, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Blog Edition

I recently decided to change my blog name to The Regal Pup, and with that; chose to hire a fabulous designer to help me achieve my goal of redesigning the entire blog. I wanted something unique and classic, with a little bit of spunk. I knew right away that my choice would be an easy one. I have been a huge fan of Shannon's writing over at Webbisodes, for quite some time now. When Shannon unveiled her new blog design and stationary business, I jumped at the chance to hire her. Persnickety Pages (& More) Designs, in my opinion was the only option for me. Shannon's creativity made up for my lack of it. She was easy to work with, and her turn-around time was short of amazing. And, trust me... I am not a technical person at all.


With the urging of a close friend, prior to my wedding; I decided to document the occasion through blogging. I am happy to say that I have no regrets in starting this blog, and continuing our family's journey through it. I have many different ideas of what I would like this blog to evolve into, so please stay tuned!

And, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the new look! Thanks!



Shannon said...

Thanks, Jen! I appreciate the write up! It was fun doing your design and with so many family blogs out there, I love how your name is so unique...good choice! Come back anytime!

mom said...

It looks great- loooove it!!!

Jamie said...

I like it, very cute and original. Was I the friend that urged you to start a blog?:) I'm still an amateur and I have been at it now for almost 3 years. I look forward to the evolution of your blog. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love you!

Waiting said...

Love the new look! It looks very clean and crisp.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

The Lasher Family said...

Umm, L-O-V-E the new blog! Can I pay you to revamp mine?!? It looks amazing!

Mama K said...

Hi! Your blog looks so good!! Just added your button to my blog and became a new follower! :) (I don't put our personal names on my blog, but I do have to tell you that my son and your dog have the same :)


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