Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Update - Party Central!

To say that this weekend was exhausting is an understatement. But, it was so worth it! It was probably one of the funnest weekends I've had in quite awhile.

We started the weekend on Thursday night, inviting our good friends, the Woodham's over for dinner. I cooked some delicious Greek cuisine, and we caught up with Jonathan, Ginger, and their little girl, Harper. Harper is two months older than Bobby. It was fabulous company!

On Friday, Ginger and I took the kids to the zoo. It was a beautiful fall day, and we all had a great time.


Bobby watching a sea lion swim by.


How cute are they?


Me?, not so cute...

After the zoo, everyone had an appetite, so we headed out to lunch.


Bobby is intently looking at Harper here. She must've said something very interesting... like her catchphrase, "no, no, no!"

Later that night, I headed off to a Girl's Night Out Pajama Party! It was so fun, and I think this is the beginning of the cause of my exhaustion! Our neighborhood has a Ladies Night Out each quarter. I missed the last one, because we were out of town, so I was excited for this quarter's. I went with my good friends Volree, and again, with Ginger. We made it home around midnight.


Me, Volree, and Ginger. Wow, my bootie looks huge in this picture! Nice.


We like wine! And, we drank too much!


Things got out of hand, and red wine was spilled on Volree's slipper! Ha ha!

Well, after that fun, crazy night - yours truly had to work all day Saturday.


But, what was fun... was the next party! It was a very bittersweet night. The party was awesome, along with the people there. But, we were there to send off some great friends, who are moving back to England. My friend Claire, whom I will be so sad to go is leaving in less than a month. Her little boy, Cameron is a month older than Bobby. She also just had a little baby girl back in September.


The ladies at the party.


My three best friends in Birmingham: Claire, me, Ginger, and Volree (l to r.)


Bob getting in on a little Beer Pong!

I had so much fun that night. The hostess' all did a great job! The food was great, the drinks were plenty, and the music was pumping. Seriously, it was a fun party! I felt like I was 21 again. And, boy did I pay for it on Sunday! We finished off the weekend with a birthday party in the neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. The party had a Noah's Ark theme, and was cute!


Bobby and I in Noah's Ark. He was not a happy camper.

Photo courtesy of Gina H.

Well, now you see why it was Party Central this weekend!

What is everyone's week shaping up to be? I am hoping to squeeze in a week's worth of cleaning, laundry, and errands in two days. Wednesday will be a day of packing, and decorating for Christmas. We are heading to Hotlanta for the holiday weekend on Thursday morning. I'm so excited to see both of our families.

Have a great week!



Vic said...

what a super fabulous weekend, for sure....i wish i had some friends here to go have a jammie party! loads of fun! dontcha just love when the kids are hysterically crying and your trying to get a photo somewhere....haha...have a lovely week!

Shannon said...

Looks like fun and way more interesting than my weekend spent at home sick! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Waiting said...

How fun! I am going to be throwing a PJ brunch in the New Year. Great minds think alike. HA!

What a great group of friends you have there. So glad for you all.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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