Monday, November 15, 2010

Flashback Friday (or, Monday?) - Wedding Edition

In keeping with my one post a week (ha!), I wanted to make sure and do last week's Flashback Friday - Wedding Edition post. The theme for the week was my Bridal Shower. Here's a post I did way back in September of 2007, about said bridal shower. Again, I was definitely an amateur blogger (still am!)

Next week's theme: Bachelorette Party


I'm hoping to do more updates over the next few days - or play catch-up on this here blog. We had a pretty busy week last week, and then headed out of town for the weekend. I've got a sick munchkin to take care of, but am hoping his cold is gone soon! Hoping everyone's having a great Monday. It is cold and rainy here --- perfect day for a trip to the mall!

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Shannon said...

Colds are just the worst! GG is just now getting over hers! Hope Bobby feels better soon! Y'all stay well!


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