Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hometown Fair

Another little perk our HOA does each year is a Hometown Fair for the residents. This actually happened two weeks ago, but I did not have a chance to blog about it. Anyhow, the fair has games (with prizes) for the kids, a rock climbing wall, slides, bounce houses, and a few rides. There was also free food, drinks, music, and every fair's staple: Bingo. Bobby was still too little to participate in mostly everything, but it was still a fun afternoon to spend with our neighbors and friends.

Bobby mooching off of Bob for some food. Aren't kids the worst moochers at this age?!?!

A few rides and bounce houses.

After the fair, we stopped by the park on our way home.

Bobby and Daddy on the play ground. I swear Bobby never looks at the camera these days!

I found some chalk, and "tagged" the sidewalk.

Cute as a button, enjoying the playground.

Enjoying the slide... or, rather trying to climb back up it.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Again, your neighborhood is amazing! Y'all are so lucky! Love that you "tagged" the sidewalk...what kind of morals are you teaching that kid, Jen? Just kidding!


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