Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap - 2010

Our Thanksgiving was a busy one this year. We left Birmingham Thursday morning, and drove to my brother's house north of Atlanta. We arrived around lunchtime, and settled in for the day. We were able to spend the holiday with each of my two older brothers, and their families. {Each brother has four kids, so it was definitely a full house!} We also brought Winston with us, and with my brother's two Golden Retrievers, it only added to the chaos. But, overall, it was a great time!

My two oldest nieces and I were triplets for the day! We were all also sporting boots with the fuuuuurrrrr. Here's a blurry, cell phone picture of us.


Me, Meagan (age 11), and Victoria (age 12).


Bobby playing in the kitchen peacefully amidst it all!


Bobby playing with his two youngest cousins, Alexis (4 yo) and Ava (2 yo).


The kids playing a dance game on the Wii.

For a few years now, it is tradition to fry the turkey on Thanksgiving. The boys are always in charge. I'd say they don't mind one bit...


From left to right, my brothers Mike, Chuck, and hubby, Bob.



Cajun flavored turkey!

My sister-in-law Caryn, made everyone place cards the day before. She used a small terra cotta pot, and foam, along with some paint.



Buffet style for 15 people!

After the festivities were done in North Atlanta, we headed down south to Peachtree City. We spent the rest of the weekend eating, drinking, and watching football with Bob's family. We were able to spend some quality time with some close family friends as well. Besides the Gators losing (boo!), it was definitely a great time!


Bobby playing with Niko!


Bobby catching up on his Thomas the Train via Netflix on the iPhone.


Let's throw some more dogs into the mix!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

Now, onto Christmas!



mom said...

Great pictures! You and the big girls look great- how tall is Vi???
Now on to Xmas!!!!!

Shannon said...

Looks like a fun Thanksgiving! It was warm at my parents' too (judging by the men in short sleeves)! Bobby is adorable as always! Love the little pilgrim hat place card holder thingamajigs! You look great and so stylish...I need me some higher Uggs...I just have the short ones! Yay for Christmas and then again, so much still to do!

Waiting said...

The place holders were too cute!

Your Thanksgiving looked much warmer than mine. 30 degrees!

Glad you were able to spend it with family!!

Jamie said...

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I can't believe how old our nieces and nephews are getting. It makes me feel old. haha Cute picture of the triplets.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

next yr i'm soooo coming to y'alls to eat!


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