Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's a....

G - I - R - L!!!

Oh my gosh... I am on Cloud 9!!! We had our ultrasound this morning, and I am just gushing with joy right now. I was so nervous with this ultrasound, not only because it would be our big gender reveal, but also because I wanted everything else to be okay. I was the same way with Bobby's. Well, we have a healthy baby, and a little sister on the way! I have to admit that I really wanted this baby to be a girl. Like, really, really. I didn't want to let on how much I wanted a girl, in case we had another boy. I truly believe that you are happy with whatever God gives you, but I almost felt like I had to prepare myself with the news that it could very well be a boy. I have always envisioned having at least 2 kids, with one of each. And, along with that, I had always envisioned the boy being the older sibling (ya know... to "protect" his baby sister.) :) I can't believe how blessed we are, that it actually played out this way! And, the best part... if we decide to have more - it totally takes any pressure off!

Onto some stats:

Heartbeats/Minute - 154

I'm 17 weeks, 6 days (measured 17 weeks, 3 days).

Weight gained to date - 6 lbs. (yikes).

Profile shot:


"Money" shot:


She was very active during the ultrasound, which was so cute and funny!



mom said...

Super great!!!! Love you all- take care!!!

Shannon said...

Woohoo! This is amazing news! Bob better prepare himself now, if shopping for a boy wasn't trouble enough, just wait for this little sweetie to make her appearance! So fun and sooo excited for y'all!


Oh and what are y'all thinking about as far as names? I can't wait!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

Ahhh!!! Yay!!! That's great news!! Although either would have been just precious, a little girl!! So exciting!!!

Jenny Postma said...

Yeah congrats again Ross family! I can only imagine how excited you are Jen! I know you would be happy either way, but you could tell you wanted a little girl:) Have you started thinking about names? Such an exciting time! Couldn't be happier for you! XOXO

Mama K said...

Yay!!! Congrats to y'all!!! We find out this Thursday!! Can't wait!! By the way, I've gained 8 pounds to date and I'm only 4 days ahead of good for you! :) Do y'all have names picked out?!

Waiting said...

How exciting!! Bring on the pink!!

I am so happy and excited for you and glad that both of you are healthy and happy!

Totty said...

So exciting! Dave, van and I are very excited for you guys!!


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