Friday, June 17, 2011

Our week in iPhone pictures

Bobby and I had our typical week for summer. We headed to the pool, ran some errands, and went to the library (twice!).

Here are a few pictures from our adventures...


Bobby eats a snack, while watching Safari Greg in our local library's theatre.


Safari Greg!

He had a show mixed with live animals, magic, and facts about mother nature!


Bobby hanging in the backyard, talking on his cell. This was on Tuesday afternoon, after naps. We were out back, making Daddy's Father's Day gift.


Bobby "hanging" out at the park, pant-less and shoe-less. We strolled around the neighborhood while dinner was cooking, and had an unplanned stop at the park (hence, the underdressed look).


1 comment:

jbeatty said...

how cool that your library does that. bobby is so cute and looks like he's getting even blonder in the summer sun. we are also loving these lazy days of summer!


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